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Nadescha Zwerschke

Nadescha Zwerschke, PhD student

BSc Biology, University of Bremen, Germany 2010

MSc Marine Environmenal Protection, Bangor University 2011


Contact information

Tel:  +44 (0)28 427 28230


Room: Portaferry Marine Lab


Research Interests

I am investigating the impact of invasive feral Crassostrea gigas populations and its fishery on the native oyster Ostrea edulis as well as on surrounding benthic communities. This will involve manipulative and mensurative field experiments within the intertidal zone and will help to develop a management scheme for the fishery of wild Pacific oysters.


Zwerschke, N., Bollen, M., Molis, M. & Scrosati, R.A. (2013). An environmental stress model correctly predicts unimodal trends in overall species richness and diversity along intertidal elevation gradients. Helgoland Marine Research, 67: 663-674.