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Caroline Magill is in her final year funded by DEL on enhancing the commercial value of seaweeds using ecophysiological approaches.  She is jointly supervised by Prof. Chris Elliott.

Lyndsey Herron is in the final year of her NIEA-funded PhD within Quercus, co-supervised by Dr Jim McAdam of AFBI.  Her project is on conservation of sand dunes by animal grazing.

Alessandro Busetti (based in Pharmacy where he is supervised by Dr Brendan Gilmore) is funded under the Beaufort Marine Biodiscovery award and is exploring bioactives from seaweeds and other marine organisms.  He is is in his final year.

Christine Morrow, funded by the Beaufort Marine Biodiscovery award, is in her final year studying the taxonomy and phylogeny of marine sponges, particularly with reference to biodiscovery.

Anusha Ramassur is working on a PhD (co-supervisor John Bothwell) on transformation of marine red algae, in collaboration with the University of Malaya.

Rob Mrowicki (main supervisor Nessa O'Connor) is investigating the complexity of intertidal communities and forces driving biodiversity.