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Professor J.T.A. Dick

Professor Jaimie Dick
Jaimie Dick
Professor of Invasion Ecology

BSc Zoology (Hons) 1986, Glasgow University;
PhD. Animal Behaviour and Ecology, 1989,
Queen's University Belfast.


Contact Information
Tel:  +44 (0)28 9097 2286 (Direct line)
Fax:  +44 (0)28 9097 5877
Room: Medical Biology Centre - 6.31.

Administrative Responsibilities

Module Coordinator, Level 3 Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology  Member, Ethical Review Committee (Ethical Review Process, Personal and Project Licences, Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986)  Student Consultative Committee  Postgraduate Staff/Student Consultative Committee  School Management Board; School Board.

Research Interests

Behavioural Ecology: mate choice, mating strategies and systems, aggression, cannibalism, maternal care, conflict resolution, life-history strategies and tactics.  Ecology: interspecific competition, predation, trophic interactions, introduced species, biodiversity, environmental and parasite mediation of species interactions.  Study species: native and introduced freshwater and marine invertebrates (especially crustaceans) and fish (e.g. pollan, salmon, trout, eels, lamprey).  I seek to integrate studies at the levels of the individual, population and community with the use of field and laboratory data, with complementary mathematical modelling.  I currently work independently and collaboratively e.g. with Biology staff at Queen's University Belfast and ecologists at the Universities of Amsterdam, Nijmagen, Leeds and Bristol.

Current Research Directions

Maternal care and reproductive success in amphipods  Behavioural attributes and environmental impacts of introduced species  Effects of environmental factors on species interactions and modelling of associated population and community change  Environmental influences on reproductive output and population change  Reproductive isolation and speciation in amphipods  Development of behavioural biomonitoring tools with aquatic crustacea  New ecotoxicological methods using amphipods  Conservation and aquaculture of crustaceans  Trophic interactions among fish, crustacean prey and parasites  Parasite-mediated competition and predation  Decision making in animals  Fisheries and conservation  Animal Welfare.

Other Information

Member of NERC Peer Review College  ESF Pool of Peer Reviewers  Editorial Board of 'Behavioural Processes'  Review Staff, 'Marine Ecology Progress Series'  Referee for NERC, Leverhulme Trust and European Science Foundation Grant Proposals  Scientific Advisor to W5 (Odyssey Complex, Belfast)  Scientific Advisor to the Gortin Burn Environmental Project, Co. Tyrone  Scientific Advisor to Ballygrangee Trout Fishery, Carrowdore  Scientific Advisor to Abbey Grammar School, Newry  Development and delivery of teaching in environmental issues in a cross-community Primary Schools project (Gortin, Omagh; Leader Dr. Lucinda Blakiston Houston).