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*Current students

*B. Magee; PhD student supported by DEL. Stress, pain and autotomy in Crustacea

*J.Dogherty; PhD student supported by DEL. Vigilance in giraffes.

*G.Arnott; PhD student supported by DARDNI. Assessments and decisions during contests. Supported by DARDNI

*S. Doake; PhD student supported by DEL. Environmental effects on physiological limitations in hermit crabs. Supported by DENI

*S. Barr; PhD student supported by DARDNI. Pain in Crustacea?

*T. Wherry; supported by DENI.  Reproductive decisions in orb-web spiders.

Former students

J. McCallister;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Behaviour and physiology of captive tamarin monkeys: a comparative study. Awarded PhD 2005 (with Tessa Smith, Chester).

L. Tinkler;  PhD student, supported by DANI.  Behavioural ecology of the Light-bellied Brent geese, Branta bernicla hrota. Awarded PhD 2006 (with Ian Montgomery).

C. McCusker;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Factors affecting cortisol release in captive ring-tailed lemurs. Awarded PhD 2006 (with Tessa Smith, Chester).

L. Patterson; supported by DANI.  Evaluation of stocks, welfare and parasitism of edible crabs Cancer pagurus. Awarded PhD 2006(with Jaimie Dick).

C. Goodwin-Mullen; ,  PhD. student, supported by DHFETE/CAST (plus £15 000 from EHS).  Title: 'Conservation and aquaculture potential of three species of lamprey'.  Awarded PhD. 2004. (with Jaimie Dick)

S. Crean;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: The behaviour and ecology of the European eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.).  Awarded PhD 2003. (with Jaimie Dick).

M. Gallagher;  PhD student, supported by CAST.  Title: The ecology and behaviour of the white-clawed crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes.  Awarded PhD 2002. (with Jaimie Dick).

K. Hume;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Sexual selection, pairing patterns and parasitism in freshwater amphipods.  Awarded PhD 2002. (with Jaimie Dick).

S. Bremner;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Behavioural and molecular ecology of a captive-bred colony of the endangered swift fox, Vulpes velox.  Awarded PhD 2002. (with Paulo Prodohl).

S. Sloan;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Information gathering during resource assessment by hermit crabs.  Awarded PhD 2001.

R. Bailey;  PhD student, supported by ESF.  Title: Behaviour and ecology of the freshwater mysid, Mysis relicta.  Awarded PhD 2001. (with Jaimie Dick).

S. Hookham;  PhD student. supported by DENI.  Title: Behavioural development of farmed ostriches.  Awarded PhD 1999.

J. West;  PhD student, supported by DANI.  Title: Behavioural ecology of the glass prawn.  Awarded PhD 1999.

D. Fullerton;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Temporal analyses of vocalizations of young rodents.  Awarded PhD 1999.

M. Briffa;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: The evolution of signals in agonistic encounters.  Awarded PhD 1998.

A. Bridge;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Mate choice and sexual selection in orb-web spiders.  Awarded PhD 1997.

R. Day;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Behavioural ecology of the tamarin, Saguinus midas midas in a Guianese primate community.  Awarded PhD 1997.

C. MacNeil;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Ecology of freshwater amphipods.  Awarded PhD 1997. (with Jaimie Dick).

H. Skjaegestad;  PhD student, supported by the EU. Title: Biological and environmental impact of shell-fish cultivation.  Awarded PhD 1997 (with Pat Boaden).

C. Nelson;  PhD student, supported by DENI.  Title: Paternal and maternal behaviour of the cichlid fish, Pelvicachromis pulcher.  Awarded PhD 1995.

(eight PhD supervisions prior to 1995)