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Anthony Caravaggi:   Ecology of European and Irish hares (with Neil Reid)

Katie Leach:   Biogeography and climate change impacts on Lagomorphs (with Neil Reid)

Carol Finlay:   Pastoral production and hedgerow biodiversity (with Neil Reid)

Una Nealon:   Impact of wind turbines on bats (with Emma Teeling UCD)

Emma Baxter:   Pathology of Ash dieback disease (with Alasdair McCracken AFBI)

Flor Spaans:   Hedgerow biodiversity and tree disease (with Tancredi Caruso)

Camilla Bertolini:   Aggregative behaviour and reef restoration in bivalves (with Nessa O'Connor)

James Brown:   Phylogeography and population genetic structure of tree (with Jim Provan)