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Members of this research group are involved in a wide range of projects in ecosystem biology and sustainability.  Research includes broad areas of Ecology (Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial); Behavioural Ecology; Ecophysiology, Animal Behaviour; Molecular Ecology; Conservation (including Conservation Genetics); Aquaculture; Systematics (both Molecular and Morphological); and Environmental Economics.

This diverse range of interests is linked by common approaches including the integration of theoretical, laboratory, field and economic investigations.  Research facilities include the QUB Marine Laboratory at Portaferry, which hosts the Modiolus Restoration Research Group (MRRG).  The Gibson Institute for Land Food and Environment is also housed on the MBC site.

Research staff

Animal contest behaviour, animal welfare, animal welfare sensor development.
Agricultural economics, risk management in agriculture, food and nutrition security, sustainable value chains in the agri-food sector, wildlife trade.
How ecology shapes diversity among species in physiology, morphology, and behaviour. Biological invasions, reproduction and behaviour, sleep ecology.
Spatial ecology, macroecology, landscape ecology, invasion biology, population biology, Bayesian inference, individual-based models, trees, birds.
Dr Tancredi Caruso
Soil biodiversity, aboveground-belowground linkages, community ecology.
Consumers' preferences for sustainable diets, farmers' behaviour towards technological adaptation to climate change, beliefs, risk and ambiguity preference elicitation using economic experiments, methodological issues related to experimental auctions, contingent valuation and discrete choice experiments.
Marine conservation, marine macro-invertebrate taxonomy (especially cybertaxonomy).
Professor Jaimie Dick
Behavioural ecology, invasion biology, aquatic ecology.
Professor Mark Emmerson (Director of Research)
Biodiversity and conservation, food webs, ecosystems.
Dr Keith Farnsworth
Mathematical modelling of biological systems.
Population genetics, genetic traceability systems, marine fishery management.
Dr Jon Houghton
Marine vertebrates, biotelemetry, gelatinous zooplankton.
Professor George Hutchinson
Chair of Rural and Environmental Economics.
Dr Domhnall Jennings
Animal learning and cognition with particular interests in aggression and dominance, animal contests and decision making, the interaction between associative learning and timing processes.
Use of complimentary eco-genomics tools to elucidate eco-physiological mechanisms in microbial systems that underpin ecosystem services.
Dr Hansjöerg Kunc
Behavioural ecology, the interface of animal communication and evolutionary biology.
Professor Peter Leavitt
Effects of agricultural practices and urbanization on water quality in freshwater and coastal ecosystems.
Professor Alberto Longo
Economics of environment and health.
Emeritus Professor Ian Montgomery
Mammals: population and community ecology.
Dr Daniel Pincheira-Donoso
Selection theory, ecological and genetic basis of adaptive evolution and speciation, macroecology, climate change biology, conservation.
Professor Paulo Prodöhl
Applied population genetics: biodiversity management and conservation, focus on fisheries and aquaculture.
Dr Neil Reid
Lagomorph behaviour, ecology and conservation.
Dr Mike Scantlebury
Reproductive, behavioural and ecological physiology.
Dr Julia Sigwart
Evolution and phylogenetics of molluscs.