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Dr Aeri Park - Crystals and Intellectual Property






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RSC Analytical Division Invited Lecture by Dr Aeri Park

The Analytical Division of the RSC Northern Ireland Region has organised a lecture on Crystals and Intellectual Property by Dr Aeri Park Director of US Operations at Almac Sciences.  The talk will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at 16:00 at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the David Keir Building, Lecture Theatre LG.024. This is an open talk and all are welcome to attend.

The abstract of the talk is below:

Most pharmaceutical drugs marketed world-wide are manufactured as crystalline forms. The same drug molecule can form different crystals (crystalline forms) at any time during development, manufacturing or processing. When new crystals are obtained it can be both a curse and a blessing to pharmaceutical companies – curse because the new crystals can exhibit different properties (such as solubility and stability) which can cause severe delays in development of the drug (or halt sales of the drug altogether); blessing because the new crystals can offer an opportunity for obtaining a pivotal intellectual property for the drug. In this seminar, the background and importance of crystalline forms will be discussed and how intellectual property is tied to these forms will be presented.

For further details contact Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis.

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