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Dr Katrina Campbell






David Keir Building, Room 01.403

RSC Analytical Division Invited Lecture

The Analytical Division of the RSC Northern Ireland Region has organised a lecture on "Biosensors to nanoarrays for monitoring chemical contaminants and natural toxins" by DrKatrina Cambell, Lecturer in Bioanalytical Systems at the Institute for Global Food Security. The talk will be held on Wednesday 26th October 2016 at 16:30 at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the David Keir Building, Lecture Theatre 01.403. This is an open talk and all are welcome to attend.

The abstract of the talk is below:

Contaminant monitoring from microbiological, chemical and fraudulent sources in agri-food production is an important yet complex issue. A huge investment in time and effort is placed on these activities by regulatory and industrial laboratories. Biosensors combine a biological recognition element with a transducer to produce a measurable signal proportional to the extent of interaction between the recognition element and contaminant and offer advantages over traditional immunoassay screening methods with respect to food analysis such as automation, improved reproducibility, speed and real time analysis. The miniaturisation of immunoassays and biosensor technology towards nanosensing offers not only enhanced sensitivity but portability and multiplexing capabilities. This presentation will illustrate progress made to the development and validation of nanoarrays that can detect both single and multiple contaminants in food samples to offer a holistic approach to agri-food safety.

For further details, contact Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis

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