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With a world-wide reputation and a very broad research scope, Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) is one of the first and most well-established research centres with a focus on ionic liquids.

QUILL consists of about a dozen individual research groups, including some world’s most renowned experts in ionic liquids. These groups work on a variety of ionic liquid-related topics across Chemistry and Chemical Engineering disciplines.

Several decades of development in ionic liquids research have enabled us to see these liquids as materials in their own right, with properties that can be engineered at a molecular level. As the world's oldest and largest ionic liquids research hub, we use our expertise in developing liquid-based technologies in order to tackle contemporary challenges in energy and the environment.

Through this cutting-edge research, we work towards a positive impact on science, industry and society. Our strengths are built on five pillars:

  • Academic excellence
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Strong industrial links
  • Quality research training
  • Highly-skilled scientists


The significance of this new technology has been recognised in the multiple awards it has won.

These include five Institute of Chemical Engineering (IChemE) awards in 2013 and 2014, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2014 ‘Teamwork in Innovation Award’, and 2014 Niklin Medal.



Advanced liquid materials, such as ionic liquids or deep eutectic solvents, have complex structures, which can be precisely engineered to deliver specific sets of properties.

Examples span from battery electrolytes and hydrogen storage media, through superhydrophobic coatings and high-performance lubricants, to solvents for polymers, media for metals separations, and components of emission control systems.

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