School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Research Centres

Centre for the Theory and Application of Catalysis



A multidisciplinary research centre involving chemists, physicists and engineers with a common interest in understanding the fundamental principles underpinin catalytic processes.

Creating solutions for the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries, environmental protection, clean and efficient energy production.

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Research Themes

Using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to study catalytic processes.

Research in CenTACat ranges from computation, through synthesis and kinetic evaluation to intelligent systems, process control and process engineering creating a ‘one-stop’ capability to address challenging scientific and engineering problems.

Innovative Molecular Materials


Research in Innovative Molecular Materials

Focused on understanding, characterising and controlling the properties of molecular materials, many of which have mesoscale (nm - mm) structure.

A vibrant, multidisciplinary team of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and polymer chemists and chemical engineers addressing current challenges in materials science, including novel molecular sensors, photocatalysts, sustainable materials, and polymers for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

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Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

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Research in Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry

A unique environment for innovative training of synthetic chemists.

Conducting interdisciplinary research at the Physical and Life Science interface and striving to achieve excellence in the fields of organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, spectroscopy, enzymology, biology and biotechnology.

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Queen's University Ionic Liquid Laboratories



A multiple award winning centre and global leader in Ionic Liquid research.

Founded in 1999 as an industrial-academic consortium, research in QUILL is largely driven by the needs of industry members and covers diverse areas such as synthesis, characterisation, physical properties, process engineering, separations, catalysis and electrochemistry.

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Our Mission

Providing application focussed environmental research to generate knowledge and technologies for the future needs of industry.

Our work includes water and wastewater treatment, environmental remediation and monitoring, and production of energy from biomass.

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