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Welcome to the School of Creative Arts Events page.  There are events happening all around the School including concerts, drama performances, screenings and talks.  Most of the events can be seen in our own venues and some can be located in other venues within Belfast. 

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Instruments & Scores 2014

Instruments & Scores 2014

1 Sep 2014 6:00PM - 1 Sep 2014 8:00PM

Description: An exhibition of alternative musical scores and DIY instruments by Belfast-based audio-visual artist and SARC Masters student Barry Cullen. Opening night performance Monday 1 September @ 7.00 PM. The scores have been written specifically for the instruments. One of the aims was to enable an understanding of the instructions without the need for formal music education. The scores are open to interpretation, giving players choices; so that each performance will be unique. The scores mix graphics and text. The results are colourful images that are influenced by; modern musical scores, choreography notes, and lego instructions. The instruments are simple analogue signal generators, effects circuits and small acoustic noise makers; some have been designed so they can be controlled with different interfaces and physical gestures; which encourages the performer to 'feel the correct parameters'. Each instrumental module is made from a mix of new and up-cycled materials, each having its own character. A range of sounds can be made; from simple, delicate waveforms to unpredictable, chaotic noises. This collection is the result of several months of work made for the Summer Project of the MA in Sonic Arts at SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre).
Venue: The Black Box Belfast
Booking info: FREE ENTRY

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