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Call for Teaching Assistants 2012-2013

Teaching Assistants 2012-13


The School of Creative Arts wishes to engage the services of a number of Teaching Assistants to help in the delivery of modules on the  BA Film, BA Drama, BMus and BSc Music Technology and Sonic Arts pathways during the academic year 2012-13.

The minimum requirement for someone wishing to act as a Teaching Assistant is a second-class undergraduate degree in the relevant subject (or equivalent) and previous experience of undergraduate teaching in that subject is desirable. If you wish to be considered for this opportunity then please complete the application form and return it to the School of Creative Arts by 5.00pm on 15 June 2012. Late applications will not be accepted. Those who have previously acted as Teaching Assistants in the School must also complete and return the form if they wish to be considered for future opportunities. The School will contact successful applicants with details of module teaching being offered. Those who are not selected for teaching assistance in 2012-13, but who meet the minimum requirement, will have their forms retained should future opportunities arise. Those who do not meet the minimum requirement will be informed that they cannot be considered for any opportunities. Please note that in the allocation of teaching assistance duties, priority may be given to full-time PhD students in the School who are entering the second year of their studies.

Those who are offered teaching opportunities will be expected to undertake a short training course. Modules for which teaching assistance may be required include:



MTE1001    Sound Synthesis

MTE1015    Virtual Studio

MTE1007    Computer Programming for Musical Applications I

MTE1009    Studio Techniques

MTE2003    Advanced Sound Synthesis

MTE2004    Electroacoustic Composition I

MTE2005      Acoustics

MTE2007    Computer Programming for Musical Applications II

MTE2009    Recording Techniques 1

MTE2015      Sound Design

MTE3003    Electroacoustic Composition II

MTE3006      Psychoacoustics

MTE3013    Interaction Design



MUS1011     Composition 1

MUS1013    Fundamental Harmony 1

MUS1014    Fundamental Harmony 2

MUS1041    Repertory A: (Classical and Romantic)

MUS1042     Repertory B: (Western Music 1890-2000)

MUS2001     Early 20th Century Technique and Style

MUS2015    Classical Analysis

MUS2041    Repertory C: (Western Music Medieval to 1750)

MUS3001     Early 20th Century Technique and Style

MUS3038     The Late Romantic Symphony


BA Film

FLM1001      Introduction to Film Studies 1

FLM1002      Introduction to Film Studies 2

FLM1004      Introduction to Film Practice

FLM1005      Critical Approaches to Cinema

FLM1007      Film Editing

FLM2001      Hollywood Cinema 1

FLM2012      Documentary Film

FLM2013      World Cinemas

FLM2014      Film & Sound Theory

FLM2015      Cinema and Modernism

FLM2019      Introduction to Screenwriting

FLM3001      Advanced Film Practice 1

FLM3007      Film Authorship

FLM3010      Dissertation

FLM3011      Advanced Film Practice 2

FLM3019      Hollywood Cinema 2

FLM3024      Film Music: Theory and Criticism


BA Drama

DRA1001    Drama 1 – Performance Analysis

DRA1002    Drama 2 – Classical Theatre

DRA2001    Drama 3 – Renaissance to Romanticism

DRA2002    Drama 4 – Modernist Theatre

DRA2033    Applied Theatre

DRA3001    Drama 5 – Post-Modern Performance

DRA3033    Applied Theatre


Other Modules

ESA2003      Hypermedia and Ethnographic Representation

ESA3001      Hypermedia and Ethnographic Representation


SCA1001      Transitional Study Skills

SCA2043      Writing about the Creative Arts



To apply, please download the application form . The completed form, together with recent CV should be returned in hard copy to:

Mr Kirk Shilliday

School of Creative Arts

Queen’s University Belfast



Further Information: For further information, please email Kirk Shilliday or telephone on 028 9097 4843.