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About the School


Professor Paul Simpson
Professor Paul Simpson

English Studies at Queen’s represents one of the most diverse areas of study and research in the Humanities, one that already has a worldwide reputation in some of its specialist fields of interest. The school's objective is to develop and enhance these areas through teamwork, collegiality, and with an eye to the possibilities of interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation in our research. Covering all of the core areas of contemporary English studies, the School’s research and teaching embraces English Literature, English Language, as well as Creative Writing (and Broadcasting) in English.

The School of English at Queen’s recently entered the top 100 English departments world-wide (according to the QS World University Rankings) and our international reputation is enhanced by the work of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. This is the first Centre of Excellence for poetry in Ireland and it provides resources for emerging and established poets, researchers and critics, and serves to link creativity to criticism and academic scholarship. Through annual programmes of readings by poets and scholars, the dynamic tradition of poetry at Queen's reaches a wide audience and is of benefit to students, writers in the community, and the public at large. Furthermore, the School of English's Programme for Schools extends staff expertise into the secondary school classroom. This gives A- and AS-level students a sense of what to expect from English at higher level education and it assists teachers in maximising their students' engagement with all aspects of English studies.

Please browse these webpages to discover more about the School, our teaching and research, and the unique experience provided by the activities of the English Society and The Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry.

Professor Paul Simpson, Head of School