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English Literature and Language

BA Single and Joint Honours Degrees

English at Queen’s brings together a variety of specialist approaches under a single subject heading.

Course Content

Stage 1

There are six English modules in Stage 1, including one devoted to English language and another dedicated to enhancing students' employability and career development profile. 

  • English in Transition
  • Introduction to English Language
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • English in Context
  • Sounds of the City
  • Identifying, Developing and Applying Skills


Stage 2

In the second year, students choose from modules in:

  • The English Language: Patterns of Spoken English
  • The English Language: Language and Power
  • History of English: Studying Language Change
  • Discovering the Earliest Writings in English
  • Late Medieval Literature
  • Introduction to Renaissance Literature
  • Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature
  • Literature and Society, 1850-1930
  • Introduction to American Writing
  • Irish Literature
  • Creative Writing (Scriptwriting)
  • Creative Writing (Poetry)
  • Creative Writing (Prose)


Stage 3

In the third year, students have a choice from a range of specialist modules (availability varies):

  • Double Dissertation module on an approved topic in English Literature
  • Double Dissertation module on an approved topic in English Language
  • Double Dissertation module in Creative Writing
  • Language in the Media
  • The Language of Broadcasting and Identity
  • Broadcasting in a Post-conflict Society
  • Stylistics: Bringing Language and Literature Together
  • Speech Worlds: Phonetics and Phonology in Communication
  • Critical History: Reading the Classics of Literary Criticism
  • Broadcasting in a Post-Conflict Society
  • Reading Contemporary Irish & British Poetry
  • The Structure of English
  • Televising the Victorians
  • Marvels, Monsters and Miracles in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Shakespeare on Screen
  • Women’s Writing 1660-1820
  • Literature and Science in the Nineteenth Century
  • Critical Fictions
  • Representing the Working Class
  • American Image and Text
  • Chaucer’s London Poetics
  • Romantic Rebels: Poetry and Prose in the Age of Revolution, 1789-1832
  • Nineteenth-Century Irish Writing
  • Contemporary Indian Literature in English
  • Mock Epic in the ‘Long Eighteenth-Century’
  • Irish Fiction in the Twentieth Century
  • British Poetry 1940-1995
  • Digital Textualities & the History of the Book
  • Contemporary US Crime Fiction
  • Hamlet: Early Modern to Postmodern
  • Comic Fiction, Fielding to Austen (1740-1820)
  • Shakespearean Genres
  • US Fiction 1965-80
  • American Fiction 1945-60  

Special Features

The School has close links with practising writers. There is a vibrant creative writing environment and creative writing modules are offered as part of the degree. For the language component of the degree, we provide a range of facilities for analysing speech and language variation.

The English Society, run by staff and students together, organises readings, talks and discussions with practising writers.