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ILinC 2012 - Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference

Exploring contexts: language at crossroads of society and culture


November 9-10, 2012

Queen’s University Belfast: Schools of Education, English and Modern Languages

Call for Papers

Queen’s University Belfast is pleased to announce its Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference 2012 (ILinC 2012), a student-led venture co-organised by the Schools of Education, English, and Modern Languages. Given the success of the last ILinC, this two-day conference will give researchers studying language in all academic disciplines the opportunity to exchange information about their research practice in the presence of distinguished and esteemed academics in the field of linguistics. In addition, the event aims to bring together researchers from different academic divisions carrying out language studies in order to foster cross-disciplinary contact.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Exploring contexts: language at crossroads of society and culture’. With this theme, we seek to examine the interactional, communicative, societal and cultural functions of language. The conference will promote internationalisation by bringing researchers from across the globe together and by providing vital networking opportunities. 

Possible topics of paper/poster proposals include, but are not limited to: 

  • Applied linguistics;
  • Classroom discourse;
  • Corpus linguistics;
  • Critical discourse analysis;
  • Discourse analysis;
  • Genre analysis;
  • Language change;
  • Language policy;
  • Language teaching/learning;
  • Linguistic and cultural imperialism;
  • Multimodality;
  • Phonetics/phonology;
  • Pragmatics;
  • Semantics;
  • Sociolinguistics;
  • Syntax;
  • Stylistics.


Paper/poster submission

Please submit your proposal via EasyAbs by September 15th, following the guidelines below:

  1. Abstracts should be 300 words long (maximum) and clearly present a research question/objective, literature review, methodological approach, results and conclusions (without any subheadings).
  2. Abstracts should be sent via the online facility in a DOC format, with a centralised title, in bold, and in capital letters. There is no need to include full references at the end of the abstract. Please avoid footnotes and any unusual symbols (such as phonetic transcription) that might be changed in electronic communication.

Key dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: September 15th
  • Notification of reviewers’ decision: September 30th
  • Presenters’ registration deadline: October 15th
  • Conference: November 9th / 10th (Friday and Saturday)


Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Professor Lesley Milroy
    (University of Oxford);
  • Professor Ruth Wodak
    (Lancaster University);
  • Professor Paul Kerswill
    (University of York).

Online Links:

ILinC 2012 website:




ILinC 2012 Organising Committee:page2image12152 page2image12312 page2image12472

  • Catriona Arlow,
  • Heather Cahoon,
  • Eleanor Collins,
  • Fabiana Macedo Fausto, 
  • Zoe McCann,
  • Helen Morrow,
  • Kelly, Hsiao-Hui Wu