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School Research Seminar

Semester Two, 2015-16

  • Wednesdays from Weeks 3-6 and Weeks 9-11, 4.00pm: 18 College Green, Room 008.
  • Students and colleagues from throughout the University are welcome to attend.

3. Wed 17 February
Dr James Arthur (John Hopkins University)
‘Some Thoughts on Abstraction in Contemporary American Verse’ – lecture and poetry reading

4. Wed 24 February 
Emma Must (QUB)
‘The Ballad of Yellow Wednesday: eco-activism; eco-poetry?’

5. Wed 2 March
Dr Margaret Tyler (Boston University)
‘The Company of Rhyme: Heaney and Longley’

6. Wed 9 March
Prof Donna Landry (University of Kent)
‘Style Rules, or Speculations on Anglo-Ottoman Exchanges and Empire’

7. Wed 16 March
Reading Week (St. Patrick’s)

--- Easter Vacation ---

9. Wed 20 April
Rachel Hanna (QUB)
‘The role of evaluation in telling and reading the “real-life stories” of asylum seekers’

Catherine Mairs (QUB)
‘The relationship between spoken language and primary school literacy skills’

10. Wed 27 April
Dr Nick Freeman (Loughborough University)
‘Getting Away With It: Saki, Sex and Super-Beasts’

11. Wed 4 May
Prof Andrew Gibson (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘Modernity and the Political Fix’


Semester One, 2015-16

Wednesdays from Week 2 (except Reading Week 7), 4.00pm: 18 College Green, Room 008.

NB. Week 5’s seminar (28 October) will take place at 5.30pm in the Canada Room.

Students and colleagues from throughout the University are welcome to attend.


2. Wed 7 Oct       
Dr Alex Murray, QUB                           
‘The House of Commons Beautiful: Decadence and Politics’ 

3. Wed 14 Oct      
Dr David James, Queen Mary University of London
‘Rewriting, Magical Thinking, and Playing God’

4. Wed 21 Oct      
Julia Paul, QUB
‘Messenger or mediator? Working as a broadcast  journalist in a post-conflict society’

5. Wed 28 Oct      
Dr Conor Caldwell, QUB
‘Irish Song: Types and Histories’    (Location: Canada Room)

6. Wed 4 Nov      
Dr Caroline Sumpter, QUB
‘The Writer as Moral Gardener: George Gissing, T. H. Huxley and the Ethics of Fiction’

7. Reading Week

8. Wed 18 Nov    
Dr Eamonn Hughes, QUB                                   
‘Yeats Young and Old’

9. Wed 25 Nov     
Mark McGahon, QUB
‘Wilde’s “Circe”: A Lyotardian Analysis of the Unspeakable in the “Circe” Episode of Ulysses

Portia Ellis-Woods, QUB
‘“A map in sound”: Developing features programming as demonstrated in This is Northern Ireland (1949)’

10. Wed 2 Dec
Dr Ramona Wray, QUB
Henry V after the War on Terror’

11. Wed 9 Dec
Dr Justin Livingstone, QUB
‘A Romance of Slavery: Exploration, Encounters and Cartographies of Violence in H. M. Stanley’s My Kalulu’ 

12. Wed 16 Dec   
Dr Nick Freeman, Loughborough
Seminar cancelled – talk postponed

PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME: Wednesdays from Week 2, 1.15pm: Peter Froggatt Centre 02 / 025.

Refreshments will be served. Seminars will start at 1.15pm and discussion and questions will run from about 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm. School of English staff, postgraduate students and colleagues from throughout the Faculty of Humanities are welcome and encouraged to attend.  

2. Wed 11 Feb      
Erika Meitner, Virginia Tech
‘Documentary Poetry and American Excess: Erika Meitner on Copia’                     

3. Wed 18 Feb      
Dr Aubrey Porterfield, QUB
‘Why Emma Bovary Had to Be Bored’

4. Wed 25 Feb      
Dr Elizabeth Solopova, University of Oxford
‘A “fading memento of something once great and important”: names in medieval literature and J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction’

5. Wed 4 March   
Zoe McCaw, QUB
‘Ideology and identity in self-help books: A critical stylistic analysis’

Sheila Llewellyn, QUB
‘From Historical Fact to Narrative Construct - the integration of historical sources into a fictional narrative’

6. Wed 11 March  
Dr Philip McGowan, QUB
‘Elizabeth Bishop's Work of Fire’ 

7. Wed 18 March  
Dr Margot Backus, University of Houston
“That’s the way it starts”: The Post-Parnellite Scandal Signifier in The Magdalene Sisters and “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”

8. Wed 25 March   

Romano Mullin, QUB
‘Icons and Individuals: imagining Renaissance selfhood in contemporary literature’

Matthew Williamson, QUB
‘Hunger, Appetite and the Domestic Servant in Renaissance Drama’

--- Easter Vacation ---

9. Wed 22 April    
Dr Marilina Cesario, QUB
‘Fiery Dragons in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’ 

10. Wed 29 April  
Dr Marc Richards, QUB
‘Stepping stones and handshakes: On mobile objects in Hiberno-English’                 

11. Wed 6 May    
Dr Lucy Cogan, QUB
‘The politics of popular fiction: Charlotte Dacre’s Confessions of the Nun of St Omer (1805)’

12. Wed 13 May   
Dr Gary Thoms, Newcastle University
‘Towards a theory of poetic syntax’


Semester One 2014-15

Wednesdays from Week 2 (except Week 8), 4.15pm: 20 College Green, OG/005.

Refreshments will be served. Seminars will start at 4.15pm and discussion and questions will run from about 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm. School of English staff, postgraduate students and colleagues from throughout the Faculty of Humanities are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For further information, please contact Dr Deborah Russell ( and/ or Dr Marc Richards ( .


2. Wed 8 Oct       

Dr Daniel Roberts, QUB
‘Who the Devil was Charles Johnston?’ 


3. Wed 15 Oct      

Dr Deborah Russell, QUB
‘Mary Wollstonecraft’s Gothic Feminism’


4. Wed 22 Oct      

Julia Paul, QUB
‘Afghan Women Spread the Word: Giving a voice to women writers in Afghanistan ’


5. Wed 29 Oct      

Samantha Lin, QUB
'“How Silver-Sweet Sound Lovers’ Tongues”: The Music of Love and Death in Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.'

Neil Vallelly, University of Otago
'Light and Phenomenal Space in the Early Modern Playhouses'


6. Wed 5 Nov     

Dr Richard De Ritter, University of Leeds
‘A Sense of Wonder: Looking and Learning in Writing for Children, 1790-1810’


--- Reading Week ---


8. Wed 19 Nov     

Special School Board (Vice-Chancellor’s visit) – no seminar


9. Wed 26 Nov     

Professor Fran Brearton, QUB
‘Missing Dates and Magic Numbers: Reflections on 1914’


10. Wed 3 Dec     

Dr Dominique Jeannerod, QUB
‘Preludes and prologues: the role of paratexts in the international reception of crime fiction’


11. Wed 10 Dec   

Dr Andrea Mayr, QUB
‘(Social) media narratives of violence from Rio de Janeiro’


12. Wed 17 Dec   

Dr Michelle Kelly, University of Oxford
‘Coetzee and the Cultures of Confession’