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School Research Seminar

PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME: Wednesdays from Week 2, 1.15pm: Peter Froggatt Centre 02 / 025.

Refreshments will be served. Seminars will start at 1.15pm and discussion and questions will run from about 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm. School of English staff, postgraduate students and colleagues from throughout the Faculty of Humanities are welcome and encouraged to attend.  

2. Wed 11 Feb      
Erika Meitner, Virginia Tech
‘Documentary Poetry and American Excess: Erika Meitner on Copia’                     

3. Wed 18 Feb      
Dr Aubrey Porterfield, QUB
‘Why Emma Bovary Had to Be Bored’

4. Wed 25 Feb      
Dr Elizabeth Solopova, University of Oxford
‘A “fading memento of something once great and important”: names in medieval literature and J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction’

5. Wed 4 March   
Zoe McCaw, QUB
‘Ideology and identity in self-help books: A critical stylistic analysis’

Sheila Llewellyn, QUB
‘From Historical Fact to Narrative Construct - the integration of historical sources into a fictional narrative’

6. Wed 11 March  
Dr Philip McGowan, QUB
‘Elizabeth Bishop's Work of Fire’ 

7. Wed 18 March  
Dr Margot Backus, University of Houston
“That’s the way it starts”: The Post-Parnellite Scandal Signifier in The Magdalene Sisters and “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”

8. Wed 25 March   

Romano Mullin, QUB
‘Icons and Individuals: imagining Renaissance selfhood in contemporary literature’

Matthew Williamson, QUB
‘Hunger, Appetite and the Domestic Servant in Renaissance Drama’

--- Easter Vacation ---

9. Wed 22 April    
Dr Marilina Cesario, QUB
‘Fiery Dragons in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’ 

10. Wed 29 April  
Dr Marc Richards, QUB
‘Stepping stones and handshakes: On mobile objects in Hiberno-English’                 

11. Wed 6 May    
Dr Lucy Cogan, QUB
‘The politics of popular fiction: Charlotte Dacre’s Confessions of the Nun of St Omer (1805)’

12. Wed 13 May   
Dr Gary Thoms, Newcastle University
‘Towards a theory of poetic syntax’


Semester One 2014-15

Wednesdays from Week 2 (except Week 8), 4.15pm: 20 College Green, OG/005.

Refreshments will be served. Seminars will start at 4.15pm and discussion and questions will run from about 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm. School of English staff, postgraduate students and colleagues from throughout the Faculty of Humanities are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

For further information, please contact Dr Deborah Russell ( and/ or Dr Marc Richards ( .


2. Wed 8 Oct       

Dr Daniel Roberts, QUB
‘Who the Devil was Charles Johnston?’ 


3. Wed 15 Oct      

Dr Deborah Russell, QUB
‘Mary Wollstonecraft’s Gothic Feminism’


4. Wed 22 Oct      

Julia Paul, QUB
‘Afghan Women Spread the Word: Giving a voice to women writers in Afghanistan ’


5. Wed 29 Oct      

Samantha Lin, QUB
'“How Silver-Sweet Sound Lovers’ Tongues”: The Music of Love and Death in Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.'

Neil Vallelly, University of Otago
'Light and Phenomenal Space in the Early Modern Playhouses'


6. Wed 5 Nov     

Dr Richard De Ritter, University of Leeds
‘A Sense of Wonder: Looking and Learning in Writing for Children, 1790-1810’


--- Reading Week ---


8. Wed 19 Nov     

Special School Board (Vice-Chancellor’s visit) – no seminar


9. Wed 26 Nov     

Professor Fran Brearton, QUB
‘Missing Dates and Magic Numbers: Reflections on 1914’


10. Wed 3 Dec     

Dr Dominique Jeannerod, QUB
‘Preludes and prologues: the role of paratexts in the international reception of crime fiction’


11. Wed 10 Dec   

Dr Andrea Mayr, QUB
‘(Social) media narratives of violence from Rio de Janeiro’


12. Wed 17 Dec   

Dr Michelle Kelly, University of Oxford
‘Coetzee and the Cultures of Confession’

Semester Two, 2013-14

Wednesdays from Week 2 @ 4.15pm: 18 College Green, room G08 (*except Week 2).

Students and colleagues from throughout the University are welcome to attend.

2. Wednesday 12 February 
Garrett Carr, QUB:
‘Mapping Alternative Ulster: Working Towards an Exhibition of Ulster Maps’
*Please note change of venue for this week: 6 University Square, room G05*

3. Wednesday 19 February 
Joe Lines, QUB:
‘Crime and Nationality in the Irish Highwayman Biography’
Maaz Bilal, QUB: ‘Friendship and Death: E.M. Forster’s Maurice and Forrest Reid’s The Garden God’

4. Wednesday 26 February
Dr Andrew Pepper, QUB
‘Cultures of Penal Reform: Voltaire, Beccaria, Godwin’

5. Wednesday 5 March
Professor Frédéric Ogée, Université Paris-Diderot:
‘Sequence, “Progress”, Englishness: William Hogarth and 18th-century English Culture’

6. Wednesday 12 March
Dr Brad Kent, Université Laval:
‘On the Duty of the Public Intellectual: Sean O’Faolain’s Polemical Essays’

7. Wednesday 19 March
Professor Moyra Haslett, QUB:
‘Imagining Female Community, 1690-1780’

8. Wednesday 26 March
Dr Paul Frazer, Northumbria University:
‘Religious Routes in Romeo and Juliet: Persecution and the Popular Imagination in Shakespeare and his Sources’

9. Wednesday 2 April
Dr Graham Thompson, University of Nottingham:
‘Amongst the Magazines: Herman Melville’s Embedded Authorship’ EASTER BREAK

10. Wednesday 30 April
Dr Michael Alijewicz, QUB:
‘Birnam Wood Moves on the Stage: Reading Probability and Architecture in Macbeth’

11. Wednesday 7 May
Dr Catherine Gander, QUB:
“Twenty-six things at once”: Pragmatic perspectives on Frank O’Hara and Norman Bluhm’s Poem-Paintings’

12. Wednesday 14 May
Alice Lyons, QUB:
‘A counter-machine to the machine of language: Hollis Frampton’s experimental film Gloria! (1979) as lyric poem’
Chris Kitson, QUB:
‘Journeys Through Nighttown: Joyce’s “Circe” and the Uncanny’

4.15pm on Wednesdays: 18 College Green, room G08 (*except Week 11*).

Students and colleagues from throughout the University are welcome to attend.

Week 2. Wed 9 Oct (Old Staff Common Room)
Professor Alex Huang, Georgetown University
‘Brave New Worlds? From Shakespeare’s Globe to Global Shakespeare’  

Week 3. Wed 16 Oct      
Dr Edel Lamb, QUB
‘Playing Girls, Performing Girlhood on Early Modern Stages’

Week 4. Wed 23 Oct      
Dr Chris Nicholson, University of Essex
‘Dear Little Monsters: Attachment, Adolescent and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Week 5. Wed 30 Oct      
Dr Stephen Kelly, QUB
‘The Ghost of a Voice: Helen Waddell’s Peter Abelard between Benjamin and Collingwood’

Week 6. Wed 6 Nov      
Dr Gail McConnell, QUB
‘‘The only way out of “the tongue-tied profanity”’: Calvinism, Rupture and Revision in the Poetry of Derek Mahon’

 --- Reading Week ---

Week 8. Wed 20 Nov     
Dr Michael Pierse, QUB
‘Immigrant voices, modernity and subalternity in Patrick MacGill’s Children of the Dead End

Week 9. Wed 27 Nov     
Dr Matt Davies, University of Chester
‘A Class Act: How the UK press demonize industrial action – a corpus linguistic approach’

Week 10. Wed 4 Dec     
Andy Eaton, QUB:
‘The Postsecular American Family Elegy’

Sheila Rooney, QUB:
‘Just another love song? A closer look at the love songs of Thomas Moore and Robert Burns’

Week 11. Wed 11 Dec   
Professor Lawrence Venuti, Temple University, PA
‘The poet's version; or, an ethics of translation’
Please note change of venue for this week: 6 University Square, rm G05

Week 12. Wed 18 Dec   
Dr Catherine Gander, QUB
‘“The physiology of the nervous system and the processes of the imagination”: artful language in William Carlos Williams’ Spring and All

Spring Semester 2013

Wednesdays, 4.15pm in the Postgraduate Seminar Room, 18 College Green.

Postgraduate students and colleagues from throughout the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to attend.

Wed 30th January
Dr Helen Sonner, QUB ‘A New Name for an Old Doing: “Plantation” as a Rhetorical Construct in Early Modern English’

Wed 6th February
Dr Derek Johnston, QUB ‘“Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Ghost Story”: Tradition, Ritual and Seasonality in the Television Ghost Story’

Wed 13th February
Aaron Smith, QUB ‘Neither an Ivory, nor a brazen; but a leaning tower. Poetic Responsibility and Auden’s Spain, 1937’
Megan Minogue, QUB ‘Home-Grown Politics: The Politicization of the Parlour Room in Contemporary Northern Irish Drama’

Wed 20th February
Dr Ann Buckley, QUB ‘Music in Medieval Ireland: current research issues’

Wed 27th February
Dr Sonia Howell, NUI Maynooth ‘Partners in Practice: Literary Studies and the Digital Humanities’

Wed 6th March
Paul Murphy, QUB ‘Head, hands, knees and toes: gestures and the performance of late medieval faith’
Ben Maier, QUB ‘“Taking Language for a Walk”: The Radio Poems of Tim Dee and Julian May’

Wed 13th March
Dr Martin Wiggins, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham ‘The Chronology of Christopher Marlowe’

Wed 20th March
Dr Willa Murphy, University of Ulster ‘The Oral Bishop: The Epicurean Theology of Derry's Earl-Bishop Frederick Hervey (1730-1803)’ Easter Vacation:

Monday 25 March - Fri 12 April 2013

Wed 17th April
Dr Philip McGowan, QUB ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘“The Lost Decade” & The Last Decade’

Wed 24th April
Dr Caroline Sumpter, QUB ‘“No emotions that we do not share with the lower animals”: Oscar Wilde, Aesthetics and Moral Evolution’

Wed 1 May
Eamon Byers, QUB ‘“The Ghost of Song”: Hauntology, Medievalism and Folkmusic of the British and Irish Isles’
Craig Wallace, QUB ‘“A slight haze of distance”: M.R. James and the Middle Ages’

Wed 8th May
Dr Eamonn Hughes, QUB ‘The train and the river: Van Morrison’s Belfast’

Semester One, 2012-13

All seminars are held in Room PFC/03/006B unless otherwise indicated.

Wed 26th Sep.

Prof. Hugh Magennis (School of English, QUB)

Not Angles but Anglicans? Bede, Ælfric and the Anglo-Saxon Church in Early Modern England

This will be followed by the launch of a Special Issue Holy and Unholy Appetites in Anglo-Saxon England in Honour of Hugh Magennis (English Studies, 2012) and by a Reception (drinks and nibbles will be available) 


Wed 3rd Oct.

Dr Adrian Streete (School of English, QUB)

Lucretius, Calvin and Natural Law in Measure for Measure


Wed 10th Oct.      

Dr Roger Holdsworth (University of Manchester) 

Hermione's Hand: Marriage and Misogyny in The Winter's Tale.


Wed 17th Oct.

Dr Fran Brearton (School of English, QUB)

Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Politics of Poetic Form: Quinn, Wheatley, and O’Reilly


Wed 24th Oct.

Malachi O’ Doherty (School of English, QUB)

Memoir and Memory: Narrating One’s Lives


Wed 31st Oct.       

Dr Ann Buckley (School of English, QUB)

Music and Musicians in Medieval Ireland: Social Function and Cultural Identities


---------------Reading Week – No Seminar ---------------------


Wed 14th Nov.

Dr Jane Grogan (University College Dublin)

‘Three "Desert Islands" and Early Modern English Discourses of Empire.


Wed 21st Nov.

Dr Marilynn Richtarik (Georgia State University)

Stewart Parker: Belfast Playwright.


Wed 28st Nov.       

John Heaney (School of English, QUB)

Beckett's Schopenhauerian Complication of the Cartesian Cogito

Matt Reznicek (School of English, QUB)

The Novice in Paris: Sydney Owenson and the Buildings of Metropolitan Economics


Wed 5th Dec.       

Catriona Arlow (School of English)

Language, Communication and Identity in the Educational Context in Northern Ireland.

Lizzie Scott (School of English, QUB)

The interactive(?) conversation of children diagnosed with autism


Wed 12th Dec.     

Dr Dale Townshend (Stirling University)

Ruins, Romance and the Rise of Gothic Tourism: The Case of Netley Abbey, 1750-1830.