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Alumni Day 25 June 2011

Alumni Day, 25 June 2011, Great Hall at QUB

About 30 School alumni, with graduation dates ranging from 1955 to 2008, attended our inaugural event in the Great Hall, and enjoyed meeting students and staff and hearing presentations on the Schools activities from Prof. Peter Gray, from Prof Keith Jeffery, Dr Brian Kelly and Prof Sean Connolly on their recent research projects, visiting the new McClay Library, hearing a recital from our Ethnomusicology musicians, and participating in our PhD student poster competition.

Introductory presentation (powerpoint file)
Posters: Patricia Marsh
Posters: Chris Loughlin
Posters: Neil Watt
Posters: Sandra Millsopp
Posters: Jim O'Neill
Posters: Erica Doherty
Poster: Sara Templer
Poster: Paul Huddie