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The Erasmus Experience

(left-right) Michael Higgins, Bengisu Corakci, Maxwell Klein, Joseph Paul Juarez, Dan Verel and Erman Doser.

Michael Higgins is a BA History student 

Studying in Aarhus was one of the best things that I have ever done. It offered me the opportunity to meet new people and to study in a different environment.  The fact that I have a more introvert personality made me nervous about leaving my comfort zone however, the Danish people were welcoming and the University encouraged a lively scene for the visiting International students. The most amazing part of the trip was the ease at which you could make close friends and the amount of people you ended up knowing in such a short space of time. The city is compact compared to Belfast and most of the pubs and clubs are close together in the city centre so it is easy to find your way around. I can sum up my feelings on Erasmus simply. If you get the chance to, go. You will never regret it!

Andreas Spreier, Todd Weir, Arthur Kuhle
Andreas Spreier, Todd Weir, Arthur Kuhle

Andreas Spreier, History MA student, Humboldt University Berlin wrote:

Studying history at the Queen's University Belfast is a great thing.  First because of the students and the staff.  I was welcomed heartily at the school of history.  Since the tutorials are not overcrowded it's easy to settle in and meet people.  For me it was especially uncomplicated because my contact person, Dr Todd Weir, used to study at my home University in Berlin and could explain the differences between the German and the British universities to me.  Secondly, the University and the city were enjoyable.  Most of the student accommodations are close to the university and shops and pubs are also around the corner.  In short: Belfast is a good place to have a great time.

Arthur Kuhle, History BA student, Humboldt University Berlin wrote:

"For me, Northern Ireland was a refreshing experience: Belfast as such and its Queen's University made me appreciate many aspects of British and Irish social life and hospitality.  The history seminar held by Professor David Hayton offered me meticulous insights into a specifically British topic area - the British Revolution -, in a way that I could not expect to find at my German home institution.  The atmosphere on campus, in particular in the classroom, was pleasant and encouraging, and provided ample opportunity for forming new acquaintances.  As an ERASMUS student I felt very well taken care of."