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PG SSCC Constitution

  Constitution of the (Postgraduate) Staff Student Consultative Committee for the School of History and Anthropology

The (Postgraduate) Staff Student Consultative Committee is made up of student and staff representatives from across the School and meets twice each term. The SSCC has three main purposes:

Ø      It is a forum in which postgraduate students can formally express their views and raise questions regarding the work of the School.

Ø      It ensures that the School receives evaluation and feedback from postgraduate students on the quality of their academic provision and related activities.

Ø      It enables discussion of areas of concern for students in terms of academic provisions and related activities.  

Any postgraduate student is welcome to raise issues for discussion either as a member of the Committee, or through their relevant representative. The Committee is compromised of staff with relevant postgraduate responsibilities and two student representatives from each of the School’s disciplinary pathways. The breakdown of the student representatives are as follows:

Up to -

·        4 History (2 PGT/2 PGR)

·        4 Anthropology (Ethnomusicology, or Social Anthropology) (2 PGT/2 PGR)    

·        2 Institute of Cognition and Culture (1 PGT/1 PGR)

·        2 Institute of Irish Studies (1 PGT/1 PGR)

·        2 International Representatives (1 PGT/1 PGR) [As needed]

Nominations and Elections: At the start of the Autumn/Winter Semester postgraduate students will be asked to nominate themselves for the Committee. If the number of nominations put forward exceeds the number of assigned representatives for that pathway than an election will be held to decide who will go forward. 

Chair and Secretary: At the first meeting of the academic year nominations for the positions of Chair and Secretary will be invited forward. If there is more than one nomination for either position then a vote of all present postgraduate reps will be taken.

Postgraduate Committee: Two representatives of the SSCC should attend the School’s Postgraduate Committee.

The approved minutes of the SSCC are made available to postgraduate students through display on University notice-boards, and on the School’s website.