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Hendrik Dennemeyer

Where are you from?


What degree pathway are you studying at Queen’s?

Single Hons Social Anthropology BA

Why did you choose to study Anthropology at Queen’s?

I wanted to study in the UK or in Ireland and I’ve been to Belfast a few times before I applied on UCAS. I really liked it here and I heard from friends and family from Belfast that Queen’s has a good reputation for Anthropology. I was intrigued by Social Anthropology and sort of knew what it was about and that it was the sort of course that I would enjoy doing. Then I applied and got accepted and have been enjoying it ever since.

What do you particularly enjoy about studying this subject at Queen’s?

I really enjoy to learn more about different cultures and societies and how people around the world can be so different but also very similar. I guess I like to think about human nature and why people are the way they are. That’s why I like Social Anthropology so much because it gives you very interesting perspectives on social behaviour. It’s also something that you can relate to in your day-to-day life by comparing what you learn with what you’ve experienced in your life. All in all, what I enjoy about Anthropology is that I learn about people and their behaviour in order to make sense of the world around me.

What about studying at Queen’s in general? What is that like?

Queen’s is a great place! I really enjoy my time at this university. The staff are all nice and helpful and the lecturers are really friendly. Everything is fairly easy going and I haven’t had any real problems so far with anything. The Student’s Union is also brilliant and the whole area around the University is great for students. It has also been pretty easy for me to meet new people and make friends at Queen’s, but that might just be a general fact about universities and not only Queen’s. Anyway, it’s easy to socialise around Queen’s and to enjoy one’s student life! Also for people like me who are from outside of Ireland or the UK, studying in Belfast is really a pleasant change. It is very different here than where I’m from, but in a positive way and I’m absolutely enjoying it!

What do you hope to do when you leave Queen’s?

I don’t really know actually. For me it also has to do with either going back to Luxembourg when I finish my degree or perhaps staying here. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and I would like to get a job later that deals with people, especially if it means helping them. I would of course like to go into the direction of Anthropology and use what I learned during my degree. I’m not sure though if I want to become an academic and work as a lecturer or for a university. Who knows, I still have some time to make up my mind. For the time being I just want to enjoy my time here and focus on my degree.

Would you recommend studying Anthropology to other students? What advice would you give them?

Yes, definitely. It isn’t a degree that suits everyone’s taste but when you like it it’s really great. I am really happy that I am studying something that I actually enjoy. Of course some topics are more interesting than others, but I know quite a few people who are so unhappy with what they’re studying and they continue doing it because they think they’ll have a good job at the end. I just couldn’t do that, I want to enjoy what I’m studying and I’m sure I’ll still find a good job at the end of it. So my advice is do something that you like and if you like Anthropology then go for it!