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Robyn Atcheson


Where are you from?  

Newtownards, N. Ireland



What year did you complete your degree?


I completed my BA degree in 2011, and will be completing my MA in Irish History in 2012.


What degree pathway did you study


BA Joint Modern History/English


Why did you choose to study History at Queen’s?


I’ve always had an interest in History and was very impressed with the school of history when I visitied open days at Queens.  History seemed to be flexible in that you could choose what periods to study which was an added bonus.


What did you particularly enjoy about studying this subject at Queen’s?


I’ve just finished first year and I really felt at home within History.  The professors were always friendly and helpful and the History Society was great because I got to meet new people and make new friends.  I particularly enjoyed studying topics I was interested in, getting the opportunity to choose different periods really made the subject more engaging than others.


What about studying at Queen’s in general? What was that like?


I love Queens! I live at home so at first I was a bit nervous that I would find it hard to meet people but it was really easy.  During Fresher’s Week I joined the History Society and the Music Society and made many friends through the activities arranged by the societies. I also enjoy the freedom and independence at Queens, everything is more relaxed than at school and you alone have responsibility for own studying and social life. The facilities in Queens are also great, especially the library, which is a valuable tool for any student!


Would you recommend studying History to other students? What advice would you give them?


I would definitely recommend studying History at Queens.  Not only is it interesting and enjoyable subject but the History community is so friendly and helpful, especially the History Society.  I would encourage new students to get involved in societies because you get to meet new people and make friends but also you can pick up tips from older (sometimes wiser) students!