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Roscha Cronin

Where are you from?


What degree pathway did you study at Queen’s?

I completed my Single Honours Social Anthropology in 2008.

Why did you choose to study Anthropology at Queen’s?

I spent 6 months travelling around the world in 2005 and was fascinated by the different cultures I experienced. I didn’t want to study a subject that would lead me into an office cubicle; I wanted to be out in the world doing something exciting. I found that Queen’s offered a degree in anthropology and I was immediately drawn to it. I felt it would equip me with the skills I would need if I was to work with people from all different backgrounds.

What did you particularly enjoy about studying this subject at Queen’s?

Everyone in the School is just so friendly and inviting. The staff really cares about their students and they welcomed any feedback on classes or assignments. The School has a lovely atmosphere which makes studying there really enjoyable.

What about studying at Queen’s in general? What was that like?

During my second year at Queen’s a group of friends and I decided to get involved with the anthropology society. We ran drumming workshops, foods of the world nights, anthropology DVD nights, and even a few evenings we called ‘Meet the Anthropologist’ where we invited lecturers to speak to us about how they got started in their careers. Getting to know the staff really encouraged me to feel a part of the School and helped me in developing my thoughts about my career choices. I also joined the PEC during my final semester at Queen’s. This was a great way to burn off some of the stress of the final few weeks!

What career will you follow?

Towards the end of the academic year I applied for a job with Women’s Aid and thankfully was accepted for the post of Family Worker (with outreach responsibilities). I did my fieldwork for my dissertation with Women’s Aid so I had a distinct advantage over other graduates, many of whom did not have the opportunity during their degree to get the hands on experience in the field that studying anthropology had afforded me.

Would you recommend studying Anthropology to other students? What advice would you give them?

I would have no hesitation in recommending anthropology to other students. I think it is a great subject that allows you to grow as a person throughout your university experience, helping you to find out what it is that interests you. Many degrees are very narrow and funnel you into one occupation or another; anthropology gives you the freedom to make those decisions for yourself. The only advice I would offer prospective students would be to get involved. Join the PEC, join the clubs and societies, speak to the people you sit beside in class, get to know them. University can be an intimidating place for new students but immersing yourself in all that Queen’s has to offer will help you settle in much quicker. Social anthropology is all about people, so what better way to ‘mug up’ on culture than to experience it first hand?!