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Sarah Mawhinney

What degree pathway are you studying at Queen’s?

I completed a BA Single Honours degree in Modern History in 2010, and an MA in Modern History in 2011.

Why did you choose to study History at Queen’s?

History was always my favourite subject at school and I was keen to pursue it further. The department at Queen’s has a great reputation and offers a wide range of module options. 

What do you particularly enjoy about studying this subject at Queen’s?

I enjoyed the opportunity to study different periods of History at levels 1 and 2 which helped me to identify the areas I was most interested in for my final year. I really appreciate the excellent teaching and find the lecturers and tutors are very approachable and show concern for their students.

Tell us about any funding you received to help you take this course or any scholarships/prizes you have been awarded.

At the end of my first year I was awarded the Martin Lynn Memorial Prize and at the end of my second year I received one of the School’s Foundation Scholarships.

What about studying at Queen’s in general? What is that like?

My experience of studying at Queen’s has been greatly enhanced by the recent opening of the New Library. It is a real privilege to be one of the first students to be able to avail of its fantastic facilities. I have found the general atmosphere at Queen’s to be very positive. I have retained friends from my schooldays whilst also getting to know plenty of new people. The sporting facilities at Queen’s are superb and the nightlife in the University area and in Belfast is vibrant! 

Would you recommend studying History to other students and to study at Queen’s? What advice would you give them?

I would definitely recommend studying History at Queen’s. The course is both varied and flexible and the content is engaging and enjoyable. There is a really good atmosphere in the department and the staff are always very supportive and understanding. I would have no hesitation in encouraging anyone interested in History to choose Queen’s.