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Stephen Miller

Name: Stephen Miller

Where are you from? Ballyclare, County Antrim

What year did you complete your degree? 2004

What degree pathway did you study at Queen’s?

BA Hons English and Modern History (Joint)

Why did you choose to study History?

I originally planned to study Single Honours English at Queen’s. However, after my first year I found that I enjoyed History so much that I wanted to pursue a joint degree. I was encouraged by my tutor (the late Dr Martin Lynn) to continue my History studies. I am thankful for his friendly advice.

What did you particularly enjoy about studying History at Queen’s?

The School of History has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The tutors showed genuine and infectious enthusiasm for their subject as well as a sincere interest in their students. Tutorials provided opportunities for discussion and allowed you to refine your ideas. The School of History used online resources when possible to avoid students having to pay for books.

What did you think of the social life in Belfast?

As a Christian I didn’t involve myself in the usual social scene at Queen’s. Although I lived at home and travelled into Belfast for classes, I still managed to be involved in church outreach activities. This was a good way of meeting new people and getting to know the local area better.

What is your current occupation? What are you enjoying about your career?

I currently teach English and History at Coleraine Inst. Although the job involves plenty of work, it is very rewarding. Every little sign of progress in a pupil’s life in school helps to make the job seem worthwhile. Being a teacher allows you to share your interests and ideas with a wide range of people.