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History Postgrad Research Posters

This series of posters, displaying key themes in their PhD projects, was created by members of our postgrad research community for the School's Alumni Day in June 2011. First prize for the best poster was awarded to Patricia Marsh.

Download the posters in larger format as jpeg files:

: 'The Irish Party's "Evil Genius"' [jpeg]

Paul Huddie: 'Home Front: Ireland's Responses to the Crimean War, 1854-56' [jpeg]

Chris Laughlin: 'Socialism: A Mental Disorder' [jpeg]

Patricia Marsh: 'Did the First World War Impact on the 1918-19 Influenza pandemic in Ulster?' [jpeg]

Sandra Millsopp: 'Bangor: Its Rise as a Victorian Seaside Resort' [jpeg]

James O'Neill: 'Strategy, Tactics, Winning and Losing' [jpeg]

Neil Watt, 'I Will Survive!' [jpeg]