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History is the largest research cluster in the School, with around 25 members of staff. Research in the cluster ranges widely chornologically and geographically from ancient Greece and Rome to the contemporary history of Ireland, the UK, Africa, and the US.

The cluster has particular strengths in the intellectual, religious, political and social history of early-modern and modern Britain, in 18th-20th century Ireland and Irish gender history. It is distinctive for an integral approach to Irish and British history. It has an internationally-recognised expertise in the history of the American south, in the history of espionage and mid-20th century Europe.Ancient and Medieval history are strongly represented and constitute sub-clusters within the research unit. We have an additional strength in the history of religion from early medieval Europe to modern Ireland, Europe and North America.


Professor Brian Campbell (Ancient Rome)

Professor Catherine Clinton (US)

Dr Marie Coleman (20th-century Ireland)

Professor Sean Connolly (17th-19th-Century Ireland) [Director of Research]

Dr Paul Corthorn (20th-Century Britain)

Dr John R. Curran (Ancient Rome)

Dr James Davis (Medieval England)

Dr Scott Dixon (Early Modern Europe)

Professor Marie-Therese Flanagan (Medieval Ireland)

Professor Peter Gray (Head of School: 19th-Century Ireland and Britain)

Professor David Hayton (17th-18th-Century Ireland and Britain)

Dr Andrew Holmes (19th-20th-Century Ireland)

Professor Keith Jeffery  (Britain and British Empire)

Dr Brian Kelly (US)

Prof Colin Kidd, FBA (early modern Britain, intellectual history)

Dr Danny Kowalsky (Modern Europe)

Dr Fearghal McGarry (20th-Century Ireland)

Dr Gillian McIntosh (Research Fellow: 20th-Century Ireland)

Dr Christopher Marsh (16th-17th-Century England)

Dr Eric Morier-Genoud (Africa)

Dr Sean O'Connell (20th-Century Britain)

Professor Mary O'Dowd (16th-18th-Century Ireland / Gender)

Dr Sinead O'Sullivan (Medieval Europe)

Dr Olwen Purdue (Modern Ireland)

Dr Emma Reisz (Asia / British Empire)

Dr Dion Smythe (Byzantine empire)

Dr Anthony Stanonis (US)

Dr Katy Turton (Modern Europe)

Dr James Ward (Modern Europe)

Dr Todd Weir (Modern Europe)

Professor David Whitehead (Ancient Greece)