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Annual Graduate Seminar on Irish Women's History

Conference Organiser, Elaine Farrell and Dr Dianne Kirby (University of Ulster) at the Graduate Students' Workshop in Irish Women's History, April 2008

Annual Graduate Workshop on Irish Women's History

Every year graduate students at Queen's organise a two day workshop on Irish women's history.

In 2006 the worksop was organised jointly by Sarah O'Connor from University College Dublin and by Dr Christopher Shepard from Queen's University Belfast.  The proceedings have recently been published as Women, Social and Cultural Change in Twentieth Century Ireland: Dissenting Voices? (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008).

 In 2007 the workshop was organised by Claire Rush on the theme of Women in Higher Education in Ireland, 1800-1908.  The proceedings will be edited by Myrtle Hill, Mary O'Dowd and Claire Rush. 

In 2008 the workshop was organised by Elaine Farrell on the theme of Image and Reality: Women in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ireland.