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Theses Completed on Gender and Women's History Since 1995


Chris Shepard: Women activists and women's associations in Ireland, 1945-68. PhD. Supervisor: Prof. Mary O'Dowd.

Lisa Townsend: Intellectual and cultural interests of women in Ireland c.1750-1850. PhD. Supervisor: Prof Mary O'Dowd

Deborah Wilson:
Women, marriage and property in wealthy landed families in Ireland, 1750–1850. PhD. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

Ann Sofi Krook: The portrayal of women in Irish hagiography to circa AD 900. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Marie Therese Flanagan

Paul Gray: A social history of illegitimacy in Ireland from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Liam Kennedy

Jonathan Hamill: A study of female textile operatives in the Belfast linen industry, 1890-1939. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

Margaret Neill: Women at work in Ulster, 1845-1911. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd

John O'Sullivan:
History of obstetrics in Northern Ireland, 1948-92. PhD. Supervisor: Professor Leslie A. Clarkson

Diane Urquhart: The political role of women in North East Ulster, 1890-1940. Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Mary O'Dowd