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Academic Staff


Dr Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou (Anthropology)

Prof. Hastings Donnan (ICTSJ/Anthropology)

Prof. Lisette Josephides (Anthropology)

Dr John Knight (Anthropology)

Prof. Fiona Magowan (Anthropology/Ethnomusicology)

Dr Maruska Svasek (Anthropology)

Dr Ioannis Tsioulakis (Anthropology/Ethnomusicology)

Dr Joseph Webster (Anthropology)

Cognition and Culture

Dr Jonathan Lanman (Cognition and Culture / Anthropology)

Dr Paulo Sousa (Cognition and Culture / Anthropology)

Irish Studies

Dr Dominic Bryan (Irish Studies / Anthropology)

Dr Eamonn Hughes (Irish Studies / English)


Research Staff


Dr Stuart Aveyard (Modern Britain)

Prof. Brian Campbell (Ancient Rome)

Dr Ian Campbell (Early Modern Ireland)

Prof. Catherine Clinton (USA)

Dr Marie Coleman (Modern Ireland/ISCTSJ)

Prof. Sean Connolly (Modern/Early Modern Ireland)

Dr Paul Corthorn (Modern Britain and Empire)

Dr John R. Curran (Ancient Rome)

Dr James Davis (Medieval England)

Dr Scott Dixon (Early Modern Europe)

Dr Elaine Farrell (Modern Ireland)

Prof. Peter Gray (Modern Ireland/Britain)

Prof. Crawford Gribben (Early Modern Britain)

Dr David Hensley (Modern Europe)

Dr Andrew Holmes (Modern Ireland)

Dr Zoe Hyman (USA)

Dr Martijn Icks (Ancient History)

Prof. Keith Jeffery (Modern Britain and Empire)

Dr Brian Kelly (USA)

Dr Daniel Kowalsky (Modern Europe)

Prof. Chris Marsh (Early Modern England)

Dr Fearghal McGarry (Modern Ireland)

Dr Eric Morier-Genoud (World History / Africa)

Prof. Sean O'Connell (Modern Britain)

Prof. Mary O'Dowd (Early Modern Ireland / Gender)

Dr Sinead O'Sullivan (Medieval Europe)

Dr Olwen Purdue (Modern Ireland)

Dr Emma Reisz (World History / Asia)

Dr Dion Smythe (Byzantine Empire)

Dr Anthony Stanonis (USA)

Dr Alexander Titov (Modern Europe)

Dr Katy Turton (Modern Europe)

Dr Immo Warntjes (Medieval Ireland)

Dr Todd Weir (Modern Europe)


Research Staff

Honorary and Emeritus Staff