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Honorary & Emeritus


Emeritus staff

Professor Peter Bowler, Professor Emeritus in History of Science

Professsor Ken Brown, Professor Emeritus in History

Professor Leslie Clarkson, Professor Emeritus in Economic and Social History

Prof. Marie Therese Flanagan, Professor Emerita of Medieval History

Professor Liam Kennedy, Professor Emeritus in Economic History

Professor David Whitehead, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History


Honorary and Visiting staff

Professor Christopher Andrew, Honorary Professor in History (University of Cambridge)

Dr Chris Baxter, Honorary Lecturer in Intelligence History

Ms Gill Bennett, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Intelligence History

Mrs Brenda Collins, Visiting Research Fellow in Irish History

Dr Patrick Fitzgerald, Honorary Lecturer in Irish History, (Centre for Migration Studies, Omagh)

Professor Peter Hennessy, Honorary Professor in History (Queen Mary, University of London)

Dr Anthony Hirst, Honorary Lecturer in Modern Greek, Medieval and Byzantine Studies

Dr Nini Rodgers, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Irish History

Dr Margaret Ward, Visiting Fellow in Irish History

Ms Sabine Wichert, Honorary Fellow in European History



Dr. Anthony D. Buckley, Senior Honorary Research Fellow
PhD 1982 Birmingham; Medicine, ethnicity, religion, brotherhoods; Nigeria, N. Ireland.                                    

Dr. Rosanne Cecil , Honorary Research Fellow.
DPhil 1989 Ulster; Kinship, health and care, policy and practice; British Isles, India.

Dr. Maurna Crozier, Honorary Research Fellow.
PhD 1985 Belfast; Cultural studies, gender, divided societies; Ireland (Community Relations Council).

Dr. Benjamin Hans; Honorary Research Fellow
National borders and Identity boundaries; India-Nepal border    

Dr. Lawrence Holden, Visiting Research Fellow
PhD 2006 Ulster; Critical regionalism, emotional geographies and ecopoetics in the study of cultural conceptions of tradition, place and locality.

Dr. Neil Jarman, Senior Honorary Research Fellow
PhD 1995 London; Visual anthropology, material culture, policy, policing, human rights; Northern Ireland (Institute for Conflict Research).

Dr. David Makofsky, Visiting Research Fellow.  
PhD Berkeley; Social justice and political mobilization on China's western frontier:conflict transformation and Islam in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Prof. Kay Milton, Professor Emerita in Anthropology

Dr. Shaun Ogle, Honorary Research Fellow
PhD 1985 Belfast; Recreation, use of the countryside, young people's involvement in sport; Northern Ireland.

Dr. Joyce Pettigrew, Honorary Research Fellow.
PhD 1969 Manchester; Political anthropology, primary health care and development; North-west India, Pakistan.

Dr Marc Schiltz, Honorary Senior Research Fellow; PhD London 1980; Yoruba studies, West Africa, Papua New Guinea; cosmopolitanism, ethics, religion, missionary studies, life stories, art, music, oral history, politics, witchcraft-sorcery.

Professor Emerita Elizabeth Tonkin
DPhil 1971 Oxford; History, oral history and anthropology, power and symbolism; West Africa.

Dr. QI Xiaoguang; Visiting Research Fellow
PhD 2012 Minzu University. Business anthropology, Cultural comparative studies and Cross-cultural management


John Wilson Foster, Senior Visiting Research Fellow


Professor Graham MacDonald, Honorary Professor in Cognition and Culture

Professor Harvey Whitehouse, Honorary Professor in Cognition and Culture