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Dr Nini Rodgers


Honorary Senior Research Fellow in History

Tel: +44 (0) 28 4377 1463

Nini Rodgers was educated at Queen’s University Belfast and taught history there until her retirement in 2005. She is currently an honorary research fellow in the School of History and Anthropology.

Research interests

The Irish in the Caribbean; gender history (eighteenth to twentieth century).

Selected Publications

Ireland, Slavery and Anti-Slavery (Palgrave Macmillan,2007)

‘The Anglo-Abyssinian Expedition of 1867-1868: Disraeli’s Imperialism or James Murray’s war?’ in Harold E. Raugh jnr. (ed.) The British Army 1815–1914 (Ashgate, 2005), the International Library of Military History, series editor Jeremy Black.

`Making history in Belfast: the tale of Francis Joseph Bigger, Samuel Shannon Millin and Waddell Cunningham’, in Sabine Wichert (ed.) From the United Irishmen to twentieth –century Unionism (Dublin, 2004).

‘Richard Robert Madden : an Irish anti-slavery activist in the Americas,’ in Oonagh Walsh (ed.) Ireland Abroad, Politics and Professions in the Nineteenth Century (Dublin, 2003).

‘Belfast and the Black Atlantic,’ in Nicholas Allen and Aaron Kelly (ed.) Cities of Belfast (Dublin, 2003)

‘Ireland and the Black Atlantic in the Eighteenth-century’ in Irish Historical Studies, xxxii, no.126, 2000.

‘Two Quakers and a Utilitarian: The Reaction of Three Irish Women Writers to the Problem of Slavery 17891807’ in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, vol 100, no 4, Section C, 2000.

Equiano and Anti-slavery in Eighteenth-Century Belfast (Belfast, 2000).