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Dr Patrick Fitzgerald


Honorary Research Fellow in History

Lecturer & Development Officer, Centre for Migration Studies,

Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh

Tel: 02882 256306

Patrick Fitzgerald was educated at Queen’s University Belfast. A former curator at the Ulster-American Folk Park he has been teaching a QUB Masters in Irish Migration Studies since 1996. 

Research Interests

Patrick Fitzgerald has an overarching interest in all aspects of human migration relating to Ireland from 1600 to the present. Particular interests include Poverty and subsistence migration, Irish migration to Britain (1600-1800), British migration to Ireland (1600-1900), visual representations of historic Irish migration and Ulster historiography.

Select publications 

(with Brian Lambkin), Migration in Irish History, 1607-2007 (Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, 2008).

‘Exploring Transnational and Diasporic Families through the Irish Emigration Database’ in Journal of Intercultural Studies, Vol.29, No.3, August 2008, 267-81.

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‘Scottish Migration to Ireland in the Seventeenth Century’ in Grosjean, A and Murdoch, S. (eds.), Scottish Communities Abroad in the Early Modern Period (Brill Academic Press, Leiden, 2005), 27-52. 

‘“Come back Paddy Reilly”: aspects of Irish return migration, 1600-1845’ in Harper, M. (ed.), Emigrant homecomings: The return movement of emigrants, 1600-2000 (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2005), 32-54.

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‘“Black ‘97”?: Scottish migration to Ulster in the 1690s’ in Kelly, W. and Young, J. (eds.) Ulster and Scotland 1600-2000: History, Language and Identity (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2004), 71-84.

Editor (with Steve Ickringill), Atlantic Crossroads: Historical connections Between Scotland, Ulster and North America, Proceedings of the Ulster-American Heritage Symposium (Colourpoint Press, Newtownards, 2001). 

‘From the Flight of the Earls to the Famine: Tyrone’s Migration History, 1600-1845’ in H. Jefferies (ed.) Tyrone: History and Society (Geography Publications, Dublin, 2000), 461-89.

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