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Sabine Wichert

Senior Lecturer in History

Tel: 44 (0)28 9097 3431

Sabine Wichert was educated in Germany - Universities of Frankfurt/Main, Marburg, FU Berlin and Mannheim - and in England - LSE and Oxford. She has been lecturing at QUB since 1971.

Research Interests

Northern Ireland from its inception, but particularly from 1939; German foreign policy, 1871-1945; international relations; the history of ideas. Publications on: the British Left in the inter-war period; Northern Ireland since 1945; German foreign policy in the inter-war period.

Select Publications

  • Editor, From the United Irishmen to Twentieth-Century Unionism. A Festschrift for A.T.Q Stewart (Dublin, 2004)
  • Northern Ireland since 1945 (Harlow, Longmans, 1991, 2nd ed. 1999, 3rd impression, 1994)
  • `The role of Nationalism in the Northern Ireland Conflict' in History of European Ideas, vol. 16, no 1-3 (1993), pp 109-114
  • 'Der Konflikt in Nordirland. Geschichte, Ursachen, Loesungsansaetze' in Ethnos-Nation, II, I (1994), pp 51-60
  • 'Bloody Sunday and the End of Unionist Government' in Nordirland in Geschichte und Gegenwart/Northern Ireland - Past and Present (Stuttgart 1994), pp 201-222
  • `Terence O'Neill and his Politics', ibid., pp 184-200
  • Editor (with M. O'Dowd), Chattel, Servant or Citizen: Women's Status in Church, State and Society, (Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast 1995)
  • 'The Northern Ireland Conflict: New Wine in Old Bottles?' in Contemporary European History, 9,2 (2000), pp307-322
  • 'The Troubles' in The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History (London, 2001), pp 270-71