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Fordham Summer School

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Fordham Summer School

Students from the Law School at Fordham University in New York attend an annual legal summer study programme in Ireland which is hosted by Queen’s University Belfast and University College Dublin. Approximately 40 staff and students from Fordham visit Queen's University for ten days in June.

This unique sponsorship allows Fordham students to take full advantage of all the resources of three major universities: a distinguished faculty, challenging courses, administrative support, and special events. Staff from all three schools deliver the program.

In addition to courses, students tour the cities of Belfast and Dublin and experience their political, cultural, and natural attractions, including the Northern Ireland Assembly, Four Courts, Giant’s Causeway, and the Antrim coastline.

Students are welcomed at dinners held at the Great Hall at QUB and the Kings Inn in Dublin. These meals are attended by judicial, political, and legal luminaries, including First Ministers, Supreme Court Justices, and the leaders of the bar (barristers) and the law society (solicitors).
Other events include a lecture by an Irish Supreme Court Justice, panel discussions and receptions with legal practitioners in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, an introduction to the political and legal landscape of the North, and a debate with leading figures in all the major political parties of Northern Ireland.