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The Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) meets twice each semester as a forum for staff and students to work collaboratively to enhance the educational environment at the School of Law.


The 2018-19 committee commprises the following members:


Undergraduate Student Reps: Rachel Harris (Chair), Lucy Bill, Sian Barker, Shane Coleman, Ruby Dowds, Chloe Hanna, Lydia Kerr, Josee Ku, Rachel McCullough, Cecilia Moore, Ellie Roberts, Rebecca Snowdin, Justyna Tomsa, Eugene Yeong, Thomas Brangam, Ceejay Byrne, Mark Gilmore, Stefan Jakovljevic Sutharrsen Jevadranraju, Yee Quan Lee, Shing Him Mak, Amy McIIhagga.


Postgraduate Student Reps: Emelie Dulcinea Pepito (Chair), Ms Kiran Dhanraj Karanjawane, Rosemary Cowan and Rachael Harris.


These are some of the things the School of Law have introduced in 2018-19 in response to feedback from the SSCC and student focus groups:

  • Introduction of a self submission Turnitin option for all undergraduate students;
  • Request for staff to upload lecture materials earlier on QOL in advance of lectures;
  • Better signage around the Law Tower Building;
  • Made rooms available in the Law Tower for groups of students to meet to discuss collaborative work;
  • Focussed on the diversification of careers activities to include law relate careers and employers;
  • Request for library to move module textbooks into the short loan section to improve their availability;
  • Introduction of a section in module syllabi highlighting changes introduced as a result of student feedback;
  • Introduction of a powerpoint slide and discussion at the beginning of the first lecture in each new module to highlight changes introduced as a result of student feedback in the previous year.