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Human Rights at Queen's

The Human Rights Centre aims to support human rights in the local and global community. We aim to support academic and human rights organisations, in the promotion of human rights. The Human Rights Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast was established in 1990 to provide a focus for research and education on human rights. The Centre continues to draw on the considerable human rights expertise and experience in the School of Law and more widely with in Queen's University Belfast.

The Human Rights Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast consists of a strong team of academics and postgraduate scholars nationally and internationally recognised for their work on human rights. As part of disseminating greater knowledge and use of human rights, the Human Rights Centre engages in bespoke research projects and responses to consultations for civil society, governments and international organisations.

For more details on the work of the Human Rights Centre or to get involved check out our social media sites or contact the Director, Dr Luke Moffett.