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Welcome to THRIS

The THRIS website been designed to provide a series of materials and resources on the Turkish record as respondent under the European Convention on Human Rights. Following a detailed study of the Turkish caseload at Strasbourg and the background to the complaints, the author composed a database of the 623 judgments of the Court ruled against Turkey by 1 July 2004. The accompanying case facts summaries and analysis of the data, both thematically and statistically, ought to act as useful guide to the extensive range of complaints and violations found against Turkey largely resulting from actions of the Turkish police and security forces throughout a prolonged state of emergency regime maintained, in the south-eastern provinces, until 2002.

All materials contained herein were submitted by Darren Dinsmore LLB LLM as part of the dissertation ‘Lessons From Turkey: The Turkish Record under the European Convention and the Impact of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights' for the LLM in Human Rights Law at Queens University Belfast 2005.