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Background to the Institute
The Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice was established at Queen's in 1994 after a general consensus had emerged amongst policy makers and academics that a centre for criminology and criminal justice was required to develop criminological and criminal justice research and teaching in Northern Ireland. In 1998 the Institute came under the rubric of the School of Law, formalising existing research and teaching relationships and broadening the Institute's membership and the range of courses provided.

The members of the Institute, which includes scholars from a range of disciplines, are actively engaged in a wide variety of research including:

Policing, youth justice and diversion, victimology, drug misuse, paramilitary prisoners, restorative justice, criminology and conflict resolution, critical criminology, transnational crime, judiciary and legal profession in transition, right of  silence and police powers, prosecution systems, lay and professional adjudication, criminal  evidence and a range of other topics.

The Institute's Mission is to:

  • carry out high quality criminological and criminal justice research.
  • provide a high quality postgraduate teaching programme within the field of criminology and criminal justice.
  • service the research and policy requirements of criminal justice agencies.