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Previous Funded Research Projects

The Hillsborough Independent Panel Research Project
Professor Phil Scraton, Dr Janet Clark, Ms Gemma NíCaoimh

Beyond Legalism: Amnesties, Transition and Conflict Transformation 
Professor Kieran McEvoy, Professor Brice Dickson

Mapping Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland
Dr Vicky Conway with Brian Payne (PhD Candidate) and Colleen Bell,
Alexis Falk, Helen Flynn, Conor McNeil and Fiona Rice (Masters Students)

Politically-motivated Former Prisoners and their Families
Professor Kieran McEvoy, Dr Shadd Maruna, Brian Gormally

Transitional Justice from Below
Professor Kieran McEvoy, Professor Harry Mika

Understanding the Lives of Children and Young People in the Context of Conflict and Marginalisation
Dr Siobhán McAlister, Professor Phil Scraton

Amnesties, Prosecution and the Public Interest in the Northern Ireland Transition
Professor Kieran McEvoy, Professor Gordon Anthony, Dr Louise Mallinder and Dr Luke Moffett