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Editorial Boards

Members of the Institute also contribute to wider research development through their membership of the editorial boards of various journals such as the British Journal of Criminology, Critical Criminology: An International Journal, Temida (Journal of Victimology, Human Rights and Gender). Criminal Law Review, the Contemporary Justice Review, Criminal Justice, Theoretical Criminology, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Youth Justice, the Journal for the Theory of Crime and Criminal Law, the International Journal of Evidence and Proof, Punishment and Society, Crime Media and Culture, Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation and Probation Journal, Irish Political Studies and International Planning Review.

Members of the Institute have also acted as reviewers for these journals as well as a wide range of other journals including Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy, Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal, the International Journal of Victimology, the International Review of Victimology, Social and Legal Studies, the Modern Law Review, the Journal of Law and Society and Humanity and Society.