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Structure and Members

Institute Structure
The membership of the Institute consists of members of the School of Law and other university staff who have an active interest in teaching and research in criminology and criminal justice. The Institute is managed by the Director, Professor Shadd Maruna, and a committee of the School of Law.

Director of ICCJ

Professor Shadd Maruna
Ex-Prisoner Reintegration; Desistance from Crime; Punishment and Society; Psychosocial Criminology; Psychology of Hate/Conflict Resolution.

Assistant Director of ICCJ

Ms Marny Requa
Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Transitional Justice

Administrative Support

Mr Deaglan Coyle


Prof Phil Scraton
Controversial Deaths, Disasters, Inquiries/Inquests, Children's Rights, Critical Theory, 'Truth', Prisons

Prof Kieran McEvoy
Restorative Justice, Drugs and Social Context, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution  

Professor Pete Shirlow
Former prisoners, political violence, ethno-sectarianism, conflict transformation, segregation and violence

Dr Clare Dwyer
Criminal Justice, Paramilitary ex Prisoners, Transitional Justice and Penal Policy

Dr Graham Ellison
Policing, Youth Crime and Justice, Crime and Victimisation

Dr Anne-Marie McAlinden
Sexual Offenders, Restorative Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Ms Yvette Russell
Critical Theory, Feminist Theory, Poststructuralist Philosophy, Criminal law

Honorary Members

Dr Adrian Grounds
Mentally Disordered Prisoners, Provision of Secure Psychiatric Services, Wrongful Imprisonment.

The Board of Advisers

The work of the Institute is also supported by a Board of Advisers chaired by His Honour Judge David Smyth QC which is drawn from senior positions within academia, government, north and south, the police, the probation and prisons service and the voluntary sector.

David Smyth (Chair)        Northern Ireland Court Service
Pat Conway                    NIACRO
Brian Gormally                Committee on the Administration of Justice
Paula Jack                      Youth Justice Agency
Will Kerr                         Police Service of Northern Ireland
David Lavery                   Northern Ireland Court Service
Harry Maguire                 Community Restorative Justice Ireland
Michael Maguire              Police Ombudsman
Pauline McCabe              NI Prison’s Ombudsman
Brian McCaughey            Probation Board of Northern Ireland
Barra McGrory                 Public Prosecution Service NI
Nick Perry                        Department of Justice NI
Susan Reid                      Victim Support NI
Mike Ritchie                     International Committee of the Red Cross
Debbie Watters                Alternatives NI