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Research Projects

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Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP)   
Dr Una Lynch,  Professor Sally Wheeler

Digital Divide, Ageing and Online Legal Advice
Prof. Philip Leith, Mr Joe Duffy, Ms Helen Davey

Negotiated Prosecution
Professor Sally Wheeler,  Dr Patrick McWilliams

Public Interest in UK Courts
Dr. Gordon Anthony, Professor John Morison, Dr. Dimitrios Doukas, Miss Leanne Cochrane

Regulatory Regime Change in Financial Markets: The Case of Sarbanes-Oxley
Professor Sally Wheeler, Dr Ciarán O'Kelly, Dr Patrick McWilliams

Towards Richer Decision Making
Professor Elizabeth Meehan

The Institute's Research Agenda
The research agenda of the Institute is broad, focusing on how changes to the structure of the state are impacting on the lives of citizens at every level from the local to the global. Thus, it seeks to bring Northern Ireland to the attention of international scholars and policy makers, and vice versa. Our core research values are academic rigour, interdisciplinarity, and making a positive contribution to the public policy agenda.

Linking fundamental and applied research
The Institute’s site within Northern Ireland both brings to Northern Ireland the opportunity to engage with issues at the cutting edge of research and allows the dissemination to others of some of the thinking in Northern Ireland that already has attracted international attention – for example, on conflict resolution and human rights and equality.