Zahra'a AbdulAziz al Andaleeb

Zahra'a AbdulAziz al AndaleebZAHRA'A ABDULAZIZ AL ANDALEEB

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Law from Kuwait University, and an LLM degree in Business and Finance Law from The George Washington University, D.C.

In my research I am testing How Corporate Governance Shapes and Manages Relationships Between the State, State-Owned Enterprises, and the Latter's Constituencies.

I argue that State's application of/intervention through corporate governance strategies in state-owned enterprises is vital in securing macroeconomic stability and balancing conflicting social powers and interests, that is, promoting sociopolitical stability. More significantly, I argue that state-owned enterprises are capable of performing efficiently at the microeconomic level as well.

My research interests are in the areas of Corporate Law, the Law of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility as areas of Legal inquiry. I am mainly interested in theoretically analyzing the nature of corporate governance law,  questioning corporate's separate personhood and their consequential accountability from an explicitly legal perspective.

I am also considering other legal subjects interrelated with corporate law and governance, namely legal philosophies, administrative law, transnational law- both its public and private facets-, and privatization.

Beyond my area of specialization in law, I am interested in a number of different, though closely related, topics within the ambit of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts.



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