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Common and Comparative Law | Research Cluster

Dr Heather Conway

The research cluster in Common and Comparative Law brings together legal academics who are working on doctrinal, analytical and comparative legal scholarship across a range of legal subjects, including commercial law, criminal law, family law, human rights law, information technology law, legal history, legal philosophy and property law. It aims to publish articles and books which are ground-breaking, academically penetrating and of international importance in their fields.

Within the last four years members of the research cluster have published three monographs and at least five more are planned for the next two years. In addition, articles have recently been published in journals such as the Child and Family Law Quarterly, the European Human Rights Law Review, the Fordham Law Review, the Irish Jurist, the Journal of Criminal Law, the Journal of Law and Society, the Journal of Legal History, the Journal of Social Welfare Law, the Law Quarterly Review, Legal Studies, the McGill Law Journal, the Modern Law Review, Public Law and the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies.

The cluster is striving to consolidate its work across a range of legal areas by producing ever more impressive publications, by submitting a number of projects for research council funding and by encouraging postgraduates to undertake research in the specialist fields where cluster staff are already working. We plan to engage in more collaborative work, both between ourselves and with researchers in other universities, and to that end will continue to host seminars and/or conferences with internationally excellent speakers.

If you think you have an idea for a project which members of the Common and Comparative Law research cluster could help you with please contact the cluster's director, Dr Heather Conway.


Dr Heather Conway
Property Law (especially Comparative Commonwealth), Planning Law, Dead Bodies


Dr David Capper
Contract, Insolvency Law, Civil Procedure

Dr Alan Dowling
Land Law, Conveyancing, Planning Law, Legal History

Dr Lisa Glennon
Comparative Family Law, Legal Regulation of Gender and Sexuality, Unincorporated Associations

Personal Property, Equity, and Legal Theory

Dr Niamh Howlin
Irish legal history, evidence, juries, law and society

Prof Philip Leith
Intellectual Property, Information Technology Law, Legal Information, eGovernment

Dr Fiona Marshall
WTO law, regional trade agreements, trade protection instruments, competition policy, TRIPs. 

Ms Sara Ramshaw
Legal Theory, Legal History, Law and Music

Dr John Stannard
Criminal Law, Contractual Remedies, Law and the Emotions