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Current Research Projects

research projects

Current Research Projects

Research report “EU social and labour rights under EU internal market law”

A report for the European Parliament concerning responses by socio-economic and political actors to tensions between Social and Labour Rights and Internal Market Law.

The Business of Forced Labour

A report commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) that conceptualise the manners in which businesses make money from forced labour.

Experiencing Rights, Risks and Justice?

Northern Ireland’s transition from conflict has been heralded as a model of international success. However, nearly 20 years after the ceasefires of the main paramilitary organisations, ‘paramilitary-style policing’, including attacks and intimidation remain a reality within many communities.

Growing up on an Interface
The concern of this study is a multi-faceted assessment of the inter-connected relations between sectarian conflict and violence and family and community life in Belfast.

 Understanding Desistance from Sexual Offending
This research seeks to fill an important gap in the literature around ex-offender reintegration by exploring the specific socio-cognitive changes that underpin desistance among individuals who have previously committed sexual offences against children.

What Makes an “Important Case”? A Study of the Creation, Transmission and Validation of Legal Knowledge

This research looks at a very fundamental, yet largely unexplored subject, as it asks how the case based approach of the common law actually develops in practice.

 Communal Property Research Network

This project will establish a new research network between UK and Chinese scholars with mutual research interests in communal property.

Constitutional Courts and Judicial Behaviour in the Aftermath of Ethnic Conflict: Evidence from Bosnia-Herzegovina

This research project hopes to illuminate how, in a deeply divided and post-conflict setting, the rules relating to the selection and tenure of judges affect the putative impartiality and quality of judicial decision-making.

Lawyers Conflict and Transition
This research project on “Lawyers, Conflict and Transition” was launched in February 2013 and will run for a full three years.

The policing and regulation of sex work: a four-city case study
The research will ascertain whether there are lessons to be learned (or shared) in social policy and regulatory terms between UK jurisdictions and their implications for the police and law enforcement agencies.

Identifying and challenging the negative media representation of children and young people in Northern Ireland
It is a ‘knowledge transfer’ project, in collaboration with Include Youth, focusing on the significance of, and potential challenges to, the negative media representation of children and young people in Northern Ireland.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel Research Project

The Hillsborough Independent Panel began its work in February 2010 focusing on the context, circumstances and aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.