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Useful Links for Children and Young People

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General Helplines and Information Points

Childine                  Free confidential support for young people                 Support for those who have lost friends and loved ones

   Heads Away Just Say - help and advice for teenagers and young people            24 hr support for those feeling depressed or suicidal             Local information for young people

Abuse and Domestic Violence

Helping people to survive sexual abuse        Confidential support and advice for those affected by domestic violence         Free confidential counselling, advice and advocacy services to survivors of sexual violence and abuse


Preventing bullying, protecting children

Drugs and Alcohol

Community based organisation providing services for those directly or indirectly affected by Substance Misuse or Suicide/Self Harm              Drugs advice, information and support


Protecting the rights and best interests of children and young people                   Free and confidential advice on legal matters

Self-Harm and Suicide

Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide and Self-harm           Giving supportive care to people suffering emotional pain and hurt           Out of hours, rapid response service in Greater West Belfast 

Information and advice on self injury
            Self harm support community 

Sex, Sexuality and Relationships

Free and confidential sexual health advice for under 25s                  Sexual health information and advice                 Lesbian, Gay & Bi-sexual support 

Gay and Lesbian Youth Northern Ireland