LLM Human Rights & Criminal Justice

LLM Human Rights and Criminal Justice

From a human rights’ perspective, the focus will be on international human rights law (including at regional levels in Europe, Africa and the Americas) but there will also be a concentration on the practice of human rights, especially in the contexts of armed con icts, discrimination, migration and terrorism.

The criminal justice component of the programme allows students to explore the inter-relationships between crime, justice and society in comparative context. Modules assess criminal justice policies and institutions from an interdisciplinary perspective and allow for in-depth analyses of topical issues in criminal justice and criminology at local, national, regional and international levels.


International Human Rights Law
Develops an awareness of the variety of global, regional and national human rights regimes, particularly their effectiveness in protecting human rights.

Analyses a range of challenges arising in counter terrorist activity, such as which if any human rights can be ‘qualified’ in that context and what ‘special’ measures might be justified.

Justice in Transition
This module allows students to explore issues of justice as they occur or are experienced in political transitions, generally transitions from con ict or periods of authoritarianism. The substance of the module will be adapted to reflect developments in the rapidly changing (and relatively new) field of transitional justice.

Crime, Justice and Society
Focuses on the inter-relationships between crime, justice and society. The contested and evolving nature of the boundaries of crime and the justice system are examined from both a theoretical and policy perspective.

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