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  • Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day which was initially set up in 2009 to encourage people to write about women in technology they admired. Today it has been further developed so that it now provides a means for recognition of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The annual Ada Lovelace Day fell on 15 October this year.  To find out additional information, please click here.  The guardian are also encouraging people to contact them if they have an inspirational story or photograph of a woman they admire within the STEM community, if you would like to participate the deadline is Wednesday 17 October at 6 pm.  Further information can be obtained by clicking here.


  • Cambridge AWISE

Cambridge AWISE is a network providing regular networking opportunities and information for women in science, engineering and technology careers both within industry and academia. It is provides information for women considering returning to a career within these areas following a break. For additional information, please click here


  • Women in Mathematics Day

The London Mathematical Society organises the Women in Mathematics Day annually to provide a networking opportunity for female mathematicians. The day consists of presentations from women at different stages of their career, a poster session aimed at those in an early stage of their research career and also a forum for discussion purposes.  The Head of School funds a number of bursaries for PhD students, PDRAs or academic staff to attend the Women in Maths Event organised each year by the LMS.  This year, three PhD students in Maths/Statistics attended the two day event held in Cambridge.  For additional information, please click here


  • Women in Physics Event

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has agreed to sponsor an event for Women in Physics due to take place at QUB in October 2013.  This event will be aimed at females interested in Physics at different levels of their careers ranging from school girls right through to academics and researchers in Physics.  The event will include presentations, poster sessions and lab demonstrations.  More details to follow soon!