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Women in Science



Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) was initially launched by Baroness Platt in 1984.  It was in 2011 that WISE decided to collaborate with the UKRC as they both shared the common interest of developing gender equality and diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  WISE provides information and services to support and inspire females in both their studies and career progression within STEM.  Their objective is to create more of an awareness regarding the diverse range of career options available to females and provide a support service for them at all stages of their career within STEM.  GetSET is a free monthly e-newsletter from the UKRC-WISE which provides networking opportunities for women in STEM, events and regular updates regarding grants, awards and fellowships, to sign up for GetSET, please click here




Women in Technology and Science (WITS) started up in November 1990 to actively promote women in science in Ireland.  WITS provides an active forum and various initiativies aimed at improving the recruitment and retention of women in STEM roles.

The most recent event organised by WITS NI in conjunction with QUB was a presentation titled "Hitting the Road on Mars: From the 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers to MSL: Curiosity" given by the renowned NASA Jet Propulsion Lab engineer Nagin Cox.  For further information regarding this event please click here.

To access the first Northern Ireland version on the WITS Newsletter please click below.

First WITS Northern Ireland Newsletter