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Welcome to the school of Mathematics and Physics


Postgraduate student in a room full of complex machinery

About Us

As a School, we operate with sixty full time academics, fifty research fellows, one hundred postgraduate students and twenty-five support staff.

The School of Mathematics and Physics comprises three teaching divisions, each with a head of teaching; and seven Research Centres. There is a considerable crossover between these areas and the ethos of the School is one of excellence in research informing excellence in teaching.


Our Graduates

At the School of Mathematics and Physics you will have access to our facilities and resources and, most importantly, our dedicated staff.

Students enjoy the benefits of modern practical laboratories, extensive computer facilities, and a programme for the development of personal skills, such as computation, information processing, problem solving and written and oral communication.

Location and Modern Facilities

The School is on the main campus, within easy reach of all central facilities of the University. Occupying three buildings, almost all study and research is carried out here.

Opening in September 2016, the new Teaching Centre for Mathematics and Physics will provide a dedicated space for teaching within the School. Facilities include new lecture and group-study rooms, a new student social area, computer facilities and a state-of-the-art Physics laboratory. The Centre will be the exciting central hub for our students.

Teaching Centre

The School of Mathematics and Physics is based around the three former teaching departments of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy.